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  1. Gentleman Scholar

    Gentleman Scholar PRO Los Angeles


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    Gentleman Scholar is a group of solution-driven artists situated at the intersection of story, style and technology. Wielding extensive experience in strategy, live-action production, animation, digital and print, we help the world’s leading agencies and brands tell their stories.

  2. Ian Kim

    Ian Kim Los Angeles


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    My dream is to be mentioned as a simile in a Jay-Z song.

  3. Kaliptus

    Kaliptus NJ/NY/ Willing to Travel


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    Creative Director, Motion Graphics, Animation, Production Art, Concepts, Illustration, VFX, & Design. Kaliptus has worked on projects for Alex Grey, Marvel, Stephen King, Black Tide, Sneaux, Orange County Choppers, American Choppers, and more. He is also a Psychonaut, a Hooligan, and a Natural…

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