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Hui-Hsuan Hsu visualises and transfers observations of easily overlooked objects and phenomena into digital forms. Using digital techniques as an extension of and compensation for weaknesses of the body’s senses, she leverages digital devices in roles such as a “semi-transparent prosthesis” to connect the object photographed with artists and viewers, thereby creating a digital rhythm between the physical and the perceptional in her works. Hsu questions the notion of ‘point of view’ whereby the camera becomes a more active agent between the artist’s ‘seeing’ and mental perception. Hsu’s video pieces may create a sense of paradoxical imagination, guiding audiences’ consciousness to float between the familiar and the unfamiliar, the recognisable and the unrecognisable. Offering an alternative experience to watching mainstream film, Hsu’s ‘moving image objects’ create in audiences a distinct perception of uncertainty and provocative ambiguity.

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