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Hsinchu, Taiwan

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I come from Edinburgh, Scotland and currently work in Taiwan. I'd like to get some poems beyond their current boundaries. If some of it is remixed with video or animation it might even push me to write some thematic poetry or narrative that is targeted at this kind of media. So click here if you might be interested to use poetry as a resource for your own creative work:

All of these are freely available for remixing in any Vimeo work. Anyone is welcome to dig through these poems and use them as a 'Creative Commons' resource for animations or movie shorts with narration and music. You are welcome to contact me if you want (to let me know you're using something) but you do not need any further permission. The CC license simply requires that any content that I have supplied (the poem) is attributed to me.

Meanwhile, while most posts on my Worlds Unfolding' VIMEO channel are just video slideshows with music, one is a poem I wrote for a friend: Mourning Cloak

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