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Lake Tahoe, CA

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HUMANS is a team of creative professionals driven by art, film, photography, music and life…

Rob Armenti – Editor/Musician/Snowboarder
Drew Fisher – Cinematographer/Editor/Skier
Willie Schneider – Cinematographer/Skier
Matt Clausen – Photographer/Web Designer/Skier
Robbie Moen – Cinematographer/Musician/Skier
Brandon Huttenlocher – Photographer/Snowboarder
Lundy Schneider – Skier/Handsome Guy
Keith Dillon – Snowboarder

Over the years Humans as a whole have gotten a pretty bad rap for all the stupid things they’ve been doing. War, Slavery, Destruction of the planet we live on, Racism…the list goes on and on. Despite everything we’ve done we can’t change the fact that we all are Human. What we can change is the way we act as Humans. Through art we can show the world what we as Humans can be doing to better society and have fun living during the time we have on this earth….Let’s be Humans the right way…

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