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Peel away the outer shell. By exposing living definitions of fashion, we proffer an escape from the mundane of the everyday. HUSK is a fashion biannual that reveals that which is beyond fashion, design and an idea. In a commercially saturated market, HUSK delivers a fresh per- spective in contrast to the tired, recycled content and surprises, inspires and stimulates its readers with each issue.

For HUSK it is vital to justify a print publication with outstanding content and mind-blowing visuals to build timeless, long- lasting but highly contemporary content and remain at the forefront in all aspects of culture. We reach a predominantly young, global audi- ence, constantly craving ideas and information that we deliver through our online platform and social networks, as well as in print. HUSK offers a global view and is deeply connected to its worldwide audience. To bestow our readers with a powerful feeling regarding the material we present is our aim. This feeling is about breaking out of the ordinary, opening up the mind, acquiring new perspectives and celebrat- ing quality and beauty.

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