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Just a boy with a big dream and an even bigger heart.


A review from this past year. No joke - I love these two! :)

''Henry was hands down the best investment we made on our day. We were one of those couples who weren't positive whether it was worth getting a videographer. What initially sparked my interest was when I saw the highlight he created after my friend's wedding. It wasn't a wedding video - it was a masterpiece that captured not only the essence of the day but also the couple and their relationship. It was so different than any of those cheesy montages so typical of other wedding videos. But what really sold me was the other videos of couples I didn't know. Each video was so unique, personal, and told the story of the couple in such beautiful ways. I felt like I got to know each couple and their wedding day through those videos.

We finally took the plunge and booked Henry. He was extremely responsive. He really took the time to get to know us, our story, and what the day meant to us. On the day of, he showed up early and was always there at every moment. There were times I didn't even notice he was around - but when it crossed my mind, "ooh I wish he captured this moment", I'd turn around and he would already be there! He was so professional and on top of it throughout the day, even helping out my other vendors who hadn't paid as much attention to the schedule and flow of the day.

We just got our highlight last week and were absolutely floored. I have no idea how Henry managed to make it so perfect - but it was absolutely ingenious and perfect. It wasn't a video - it was a short film and a true work of art. Of all vendors I worked with, Henry was truly the most professional and most dedicated to his work. You will not regret booking him - his work is worth way beyond every penny we paid.

Advice for future clients: Take the time to answer his questions and build that relationship - the better he gets to know you, the richer your video will be IMHO, as it gives him a better picture of who you are and gives him more to work with.''

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