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Hyde School was founded in the early 1960s when Joseph Gauld, a highly regarded mathematics teacher who believed our educational system was overly focused on student achievement and not focused enough on student character, opened a school in Bath, Maine, one that focused on student attitude, effort, and character.

Listen to Gauld’s story about his defining moment that prompted him to open a different kind of school.

In a nutshell
…one of his brightest students, who had little curiosity and relied primarily on his innate abilities, received the highest grade in the class. Another student, the classic plugger, who could not grasp the course material but who embodied curiosity and a strong work ethic, received a low grade in the class. Soon after, distraught that neither student was best served by the traditional grading system, Gauld began to pull together the pieces necessary to open Hyde School.

Today, Hyde Schools is a network of public and boarding schools and programs known widely for its successful and unique approach to helping students develop character. Parental involvement is a key factor in why Hyde is lauded as one of the premiere character-building schools in the world.

Hyde Schools—a network of private and public schools dedicated to the development of character in students and families.
Bath, Maine,
Woodstock, Connecticut
New Haven, Connecticut
Bronx, New York
Brooklyn, New York

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