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Hyperdrive Motivator Productions was co-founded in 2008 by Melissa Czarnik and Eric Joseph Meyer and functioned primarily as a record label. What started as a DIY record company, slowly morphed into an engaged media company whose mission remains to promote diversity, equality and empowerment through music and film.

As a music engine, HMP has released 5 albums under two artists gaining national attention from NPR, Bitch Magazine, Democracy Now and Bust Magazine among others. Working dually as both a music studio and music house, the composers at HMP have created songs for documentaries, fiction films and have licensed music to TV shows such as PBS History Detectives and Rags to Riches.

HMP continues to grow its library of video production works dabbling in web-series, short fiction, short documentary, promotional videos, as well as music videos and performance tapings.

Clients include the Park Slope Veterans Museum, PJ’s Yoga Shala, Milwaukee Riverkeeper, Woodland Pattern Book Center and various musicians and performers. Label based recording artists include: Melissa Czarnik and the Eric Mire Band

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