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Rochester, MI

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With over twelve years of production experience, I have a passion for visual effects and the artistry of film, along with the training and experience to back it up with technical skill.

Dedicated to my craft, a bit of a mad scientist, and interested in practically any creative pursuit. My credits include art director, lead CG artist, visual programmer, technical director, pipeline developer, and creative director on numerous productions including work for BMW, Chrysler, Disney, Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft, and others. My work is seen in museums and trade shows, experienced in airports and flagship stores, and shown on screens both big and small (from trade show walls to mobile phones).

I currently live in Michigan, US, working as Motion Design Lead at Vectorform. My free time is typically divided between tinkering around with electronics, photography, costuming, hiking, film watching, tv binging, collecting varied folk instruments, and playing improvisational music.

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