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Rochester, MI

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I grew up in the Indiana wilderness and attended Indiana Wesleyan University, where I received a bachelor degree in Computer Graphics and Photography (with an emphasis on hybrid darkroom-digital techniques), plus a lot of video production and effects training through independent classes and internships.

After working a while with the WGM Media Department doing video production, visual effects, and motion graphics (including a nearly month-long documentary trip into the heart of Kenya), I freelanced graphic design and visual effects jobs for half a year. I was also visual effects supervisor for the award winning short film No Greater Love.

I spent a year and a half in the Cincinatti Ohio / Northern Kentucky area, doing design, illustration, motion graphics, and visual effects. Part of that time was working for a museum art team, creating various visual effects and animations for displays. I also got to work a bit on historical instrument research and reconstruction, interactive kiosk design and development, and an awesome CNC machine!

Currently I reside just north of Detroit, Michigan, working for Vectorform as lead motion designer. While that’s my formal title, I do anything from video production to visual programming. Thankfully I still get to do some 3D and keep up with the latest VFX tech.

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