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Passionate about Woody Allen´s movies, time travel, strange and diverse music, filmmaking, interactive media, 2D animation, logo design, illustration and robots.

I studied a BS in Computer System Engineering with a major in 3D Graphics and Web Design. I've studied two MA's one at CICE in Graphic Design and Digital Communication and the other at SCAD in Motion Media Design.

My work with film started by shooting a couple of documentaries, commercials, skate amateur videos, animation short films and live action short films; some of them have been very successful with participation at the Cannes Film Festival in France, Tribeca Film Festival in New York, Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Premios INVI from RTVE in Madrid, Green Film Festival in Seoul and International Environmental Film Festival in Paris.

Right now I'm the chair of the Animation and Digital Arts program at Tec de Monterrey University in Queretaro and I have taught at four different campus from the same University (Queretaro, Estado de México, Toluca, and Santa Fe).

Feel free to check some of my work, and if you are interested write me an e-mail at any time!

twitter: @1306am

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