Amina Schmahl

Ibiza Spain, New York, NY

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Amina (formally known as member of the group "Black Buddafly") was born and raised in Hamburg Germany, to a senegalese father and a german mother, where the story of her musical journey starts.At the age of 6 Amina joined a classical choir and soon after she started doing musicals and toured with local pop acts and gospel groups. She started songwriting at the age of 13Through her big range of musical influences (it starts with her childhood idol Mariah Carey to ABBA to The Bangles, Carmen McRae, Joe Sample and her todays favorite Linda Perry), she has learned how to create timeless music. She's all about vocal arrangement and big melodies. Amina's describes her music as pure and real. (World/singer/songwriter/pop/r&b) Big songs with truthful, meaningful lyrics, musical and organic sounds and peerless harmonies.. and that is what sets her apart from others. Aside from her being an artist, Amina is very driven and determined to become a bigtime songwriter/composer.Her catalog holds more than 400 songs that she has written over the past few years.Amina is currently working on her first ever solo debut Album entitled "I AM" (including the single "How Can I Be With You")which she says will be ALL that she is.
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