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People know him as B.L.O.C, an acronym which stands for
Born. Livin. Outta. Control.

Born Cortez Davis, and raised in RidgeCrest, the West/South side of Montgomery, AL. Bloc had to experience the realities of life at a young age. Inspired by both old school and new school, major and local artists, he soon shared similar experiences and began to make moves towards the mic with an image of his own. At 16, Bloc started telling his story, sharing his knowledge, and lyrically rehearsing his dream of living in the spotlight. His dreams are to challenge and contribute to the big business of music and entertainment in a different way than his competition, but in ways that everyone will relate too and enjoy. With all that being said,
This is only the beginning of the life of a star artist in the making.
Listen closely and Remember B.L.O.C!

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