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.. ...Men Lie Woman Lie but Hip-Hop is Eternal....

Born and raised in an environment where the average black middle class family was happy but striving for more, still had to heat up the kitchen with the oven, and cereal with powder milk was the real Breakfast of Champions…

Raised under "Goode" family values was very significant for him to grow and become a well rounded strong black male in today’s harsh society. Also, having music as an introduced from his uncles on Daytona Dr. and not falling victim to the streets getting into a turbulent lifestyle, the music of the 70’s played a significant role when other male figures were not around to teach him lessons on life…

A graduate of Enloe High School in 93, he went on to accomplish 3 years of college on an academic scholarship at one of the most prestigious historical but under-rated black universities in the country “Shaw University” with a double major in Business and English.. Also in the time working at the hottest clubs in the area as the “MC” or Master of Ceremony, made him more aware of what could be and was preparing his soon to be stardom...With the likes of popular groups that always came through on the club scene from the Roots, De La Soul, The Notorious B.I.G. to even world known DJ and Hip-Hop pioneer of the famous super-group Public Enemy “Terminator X” plus many more, he soaked up every piece of the game that was given to him or just listening in on 3 am sessions that went on after the clubs closed…..–also MC’ng several shows with Terminator X he went to different areas around the state-he knew he was ready for more…
The 1st year of college, the birth of "WilliaMarkus Inc" came in the vision of this young black entrepreneur. Specializing in promotion, artist management/ development and image counseling. Also off into the fashion industry, he is designing and creating his own clothing line by the same name as the company.

Currently in the "R”... (For those that don't know Raleigh N.C.) After moving back from Atlanta G.A. to pursue a career in the music industry, and continuing streamline WilliaMarkus Inc. also Young America …the brand.

He was born a star waiting to shine, anticipating the day to make his family proud, knowing one made it from Raleigh North Carolina…All and All… success, determination, blood sweat and tears and loyalty go hand and hand when dealing with a persona like his. Shining longer than 15 minutes, in the pursuit to provide for his family, are the 1st and 2nd on his list of accomplishments for the future

1st Mix tape “The Wait Is Over” Hosted by Dj Don Cannon great reviews….
"I Am in the ourstage.com/prontothasuperstar

Believe in you…When no one else will…..

Pronto tha Superstar...

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