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ian andre espinet entertainment

canada's leader in urban nightlife entertainment

mailing list: amnesia.ca

In September 1999, we revolutionized the way you viewed events with Amnesia. Since then, we have listened to you, our patrons and friends, and changed to suit your lifestyle. In the orchestration of our flagship event, Amnesia, we have stayed true to our goals. In the creation of other signature events such as Soul Kitchen, Big People Fete, X-Factor, ICON, Socaholics, GroovEssentials, The ONE, Music Cafe etc, we have continued the mission.

With more than 2/3 of the urban nightlife scene attending Amnesia and/or one of the our signature events in the past 6 years, we continue to prove that success takes more than VISION. It takes RE:VISION.

Stay tuned as we hone our online presence - amnesia.ca | ianandreespinet.com coming soon...

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