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Philadelphia PA

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My background includes several years of school studying media, film, as well as editing. I have served on numerous productions ranging from short films, music videos, television shows, and major motion pictures. I have played many roles that range from cinematographer, editor, production assistant, camera operations, producing and direction. Below is a list of films that I have been involved with that include personal projects and major productions. I hope you are entertained! enjoi.



  1. Ryan Baxley
  2. Christopher Bye
  3. Morgan Miller
  4. Sometime
  6. Mike Spock
  7. Matt Swinsky
  8. //DIY
  9. Crailtap
  10. TangentVector, inc.™
  11. Alexander Serpico
  12. JoMo Video
  13. Marcin Ignac
  14. Heather M. Davis
  15. Black Scale
  16. Brainstorm Digital
  17. Only dropped
  18. Eclectic Method

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