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  1. 01:36:53

    How To

    by iAnimate

    3 Videos

  2. 34:00

    iA Animtips

    by iAnimate

    5 Videos

  3. 40:33

    iAnimate Games student work

    by iAnimate

    135 Videos

    Here's a collection of some of the best work our students enrolled in the Gaming animation program created. Get more information about our online animation workshops: Follow…

  4. 03:54:56

    iAnimate Lab

    by iAnimate

    33 Videos

  5. 36:18

    Instructors spotlight

    by iAnimate

    10 Videos

    Get to know our talented team of animation instructors.

  6. 10:38:24


    by iAnimate

    53 Videos

  7. 01:19:11

    Let's talk about Games

    by iAnimate

    20 Videos

    "Let's talk about Games" is a series of short interviews produce by iAnimate Games with key players from the video game industry.

  8. 03:06:05

    Ramp Ups

    by iAnimate

    11 Videos

  9. 02:04:30


    by iAnimate

    43 Videos

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