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Born and brought up in Glasgow, Scotland. By the age of 18 Ian was DJing by night and studying photography by day. In his second year as a photographer, the BBC made a TV programme about him called ‘A Style of One’s Own’.

He then became Artist in Residence for Photography at the Glasgow School of Art and in 1990 held a show representing Glasgow as part of its ‘City of Culture’ programme. Soon after came his first album cover followed by a series of portraits for Vidal Sassoon that were published in American Vogue.

Ian moved to London in ‘91 and continued his successful career shooting portraits of artists, celebrities and real people.

Three time nominee and recipient of an Honorable Mention in the International Color Awards.

Known for his natural, no-gimmicks style, Ian’s images are authentic, honest and strikingly expressive.

Now also Directing, Making / Shooting Films and Music Videos.

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