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Redditch, UK

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The man behind the FUTURE DAZE and SCHOOL OF AMBIENCE projects is Ian Price. A UK composer of electronica and music video maker.

UK Innovator of intelligent original electronica. Varied styles from ambient and filmic soundscapes to futuristic visions. My aim is to give you something a little different and interesting so buckle up and enjoy the ride let's leave the world behind.

FUTURE DAZE (futuredaze.co.uk) features a fairly varied selection of electronica, from experimental, industrial, to dance influences tracks. Many have featured on various radio stations included BBC RADIO ONE, BBC WM, BBC H&W, Harborough FM and more.

SCHOOL OF AMBIENCE (schoolofambience.com) featured a more dark ambient experimental set of compositions.

Ian has produced various videos for both of his projects, plus commissions for other artists including Glamba (Bromsgrove -drum group), Gary Hunter (Manchester electronic music), The Light Dreams (Sheffield - ambient), Perfect Blue (Middlesex), Peter Tedstone (Redditch - Ambient), The Electric Mainline (Middlesex - Psychedelic).

Ian is originally from Liverpool (England UK), and he has worked with a number of bands down the years. Most of these excursions were experimental low-fi electronic affairs.

Quote "I like to mix various styles of electronic music, from electro to ambient, industrial soundscapes and beyond. Like everyone we all have different moods, and so does my music. For me the videos go hand in hand with the audio, I often have visuals in mine during the music composition phase. I tend to see a visual prepresentation of the music. I aim to make the videos stimulating, varied and interesting".

Musical influences range from John Foxx, Fad Gadget, DAF, Jean Michel Jarre, to Eric Satie and beyond.

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