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Live in Perth, Western Australia with my wife Laura. Run a digital video editing website at <a href="bettermoviemaking.com"><b>www.bettermoviemaking.com</b></a>;.

Interests include skydiving, snowboarding and movie making. Work in graphic design for a rug company.

My interest in video editing began soon after I moved to Australia from the UK, and met my friend Marty who worked as a freefall skydive cameraman. I also took up skydiving too! Next goal is to get my private pilots licence. For further information take a look at my <a href="bettermoviemaking.com/about.htm">"About Me"</a> page at <a href="bettermoviemaking.com/about.htm">BetterMovieMaking.com </a>

I also run a regular weblog all about digital video and digital video editing, the art of capturing quality video footage, and how to transform that footage into movie memories that sum up the highlights of your life! The blog also features links to real-life examples of movies made by others, plus tips and tricks of the movie pros.

You can find this at <a href="bettermoviemaking.blogspot.com/">www.bettermoviemaking.blogspot.com/</a>;


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