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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Hi, I'm Nick, I am an aspiring filmmaker. I have a team of one (me). I am constantly growing my skills as videographer, editor, motion graphics artist and storyteller, and love telling stories!

My main love is watching films, I love being entertained and transported away to a different place, so I always like to get in a film or two over the weekend. I am currently working my way through Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals which is just an awesome cook book if you have the chance. I'm proud to say that I can actually cook something that doesn't come from a packet, and can partially guarantee that if I cook for you, you will not suffer from food poisoning. 6 months ago, this would not have been the case...

Away from the kitchen, love to go wake boarding. If anyone can teach me to surf, I have a surfboard that is currently gathering dust at my folk's house. I haven't seen anywhere near as much as I would have liked to in Australia after living here for 6 years, so I'm always interested to hear about your favourite spots!

I've been quietly gaining experience in video production and story telling for five years now, and currently work for where my job title is 'Video Ninja'. No joke.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my page, drop me a line anytime!


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