Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

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iCADservice is a group of architectures located in Vietnam. We are well-known as a cost efficiency and time saving solution for CAD drafting. Our expert team of Architects, Engineers & draftsmen make sure that all of your projects; right from simple CAD conversions to complex 3D Modeling & Animations; are fulfilled and delivered on time with high expectation.

Our philosophy is straight forward "Our price might be the lowest, but our quality is not". We focus on getting the job done FAST - ECONOMICAL - QUALITY - SECURED. Please feel free to contact us: stella.nguyen@icadservice.com

Your project is satisfaction guaranteed with iCADservice

We are outsourcing:

Architectural Drafting & Detailing services:
1. Paper-to-CAD conversion
2. CAD Drafting
3. Detailed Placement Drawings

Architectural Visualization:
1. 3D Architectural design & Drafting (residential, commercial)
2. 3D Interior design & Drafting(residential, commercial)
3. 3D walkthrough animation

Medical Visualization
1. 3D medical illustration & rendering
2. 3D inner part walkthrough animation & presentation

Industrial Visualization

1. Exterior/interior walkthrough
2. Conceptual walkthrough
3. Product animation
4. Product presentation
5. Assembly animation

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