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It’s difficult to think of Iceland without thinking of superlative music. From Björk and The Sugarcubes, Sigur Rós, múm and Mugison and many other classical, jazz, folk and pop artists, this small and remote North Atlantic nation has punched well above its weight over the last two decades.

If anything, the island’s incessant soundtrack is growing ever more dynamic, as artists and bands, inspired by the continual international success of their peers, continue to create original, world class music.

Iceland Music Export (IMX) aims to bring together the disparate strands of Iceland’s eclectic scene under one roof. By increasing access to information about artists, collaborating with companies to promote Icelandic music abroad and organizing marketing strategies, festival and event participation, IMX will increase the visibility of Icelandic music in the international sphere, and provide an essential one-stop resource for all interested parties.

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