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I'm an electronica composer/arranger from Belgium.

I'm here on Vimeo for two opportunities. They have both been posted in the Projects forum.

The first one is as a indie musician, I'm searching video maker to create music video from my music. I've released my first album in January 2008 called MeKaNiKaLZ (available for free via Mininova at , already more than 13.000 downloads). Look at the work of Mark Rigler and Jacob Rendell . They both offer their service to me and made two amazing videos. There's still plenty of tunes on my album and there's two new albums coming soon.

The second project is that I'd like to compose music for video maker. I'm open to any proposal but bare in mind that this is a first time for me. Some peoples already contacted me and things are moving slowly to something concrete.

You can find me at .

Looking FFWD to hear from you!

IceSixxx ;-)

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