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  1. 04:17


    by Chris Enns

    1 Video

  2. 14:00

    Home Walk Through

    by Chris Enns

    6 Videos

    Video tours of home builders projects.

  3. 54:35


    by Chris Enns

    9 Videos

    Software demos, instructional videos, etc.

  4. 46:18

    Tests and Trials

    by Chris Enns

    5 Videos

    Things I've created purely to goof around with a piece of hardware or software.

  5. 06:59


    by Chris Enns

    2 Videos

    Videos from where I work.

  6. 04:04


    by Chris Enns

    1 Video

    Videos related to travel.

  7. 34:53

    Samples and Demos

    by Chris Enns

    4 Videos

    Clips to show to clients while being edited

  8. 01:11:02

    FGCC Related

    by Chris Enns

    13 Videos

  9. 02:14:55

    Projects - Completed

    by Chris Enns

    27 Videos

    Sample videos from previously completed projects.

  10. 02:25:04


    by Chris Enns

    20 Videos

    Personal stuff for family related.

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