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  1. 13:50

    Diamond Jim Greene

    by ideafarm films

    3 Videos

    A collection of music videos featuring Delta blues artist Diamond Jim Greene performing live at the Coach House.

  2. 07:26

    Driving in Paris with Pascal

    by ideafarm films

    3 Videos

    Exploring Paris at night from the backseat of our good friend Pascal Fonquernie's Mégane convertible. Founder of the definitive guide to all things Le Marais ( and…

  3. 19:59

    Paris Coffee Project

    by ideafarm films

    13 Videos

    Paris Coffee Project is a documentary series about the coffee revolution in Paris. For the better part of two decades, Paris resisted the specialty coffee boom that swept the globe. Now a passionate…

  4. 29:37


    by ideafarm films

    15 Videos

    A workplace comedy about the world's oldest profession: Accounting. Bernie Rootle is an old-school accountant who's pushed wayyy out of his comfort zone when a new CEO takes over and…

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