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Event production company.

From its very beginning, “Ideju Institūts” has been a company with its very own special style, attitude and philosophy. Our belief is that each client, their wishes, interests and style of expression are unique, which is why each event’s concept and implementation must be just as special, unique and inimitable.

Our mission is to maintain an individual, personal and original approach to each idea, as well as to accept new challenges and keep up the ability to adjust to different situations and client demands.

Precision is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy.
Precision in time, artistic means and details, which does not, however, exclude flexibility both during the event and while in the process of preparation.
Basic Philosophy of the Company – Hand Made
Each event is unique and tailored for the specific client through research of the client’s needs, specifics and experience. Communication – any event of any kind is a communication between the brand, the message and the audience. Our goal is to find the most precise and memorable way to deliver this message.
We demand the highest quality from ourselves and our suppliers. We take responsibility for the expected result.
In our events, an aesthetic environment is used as one of the basic elements. Environment is not perceived as a decorated location, but rather a piece of art aimed to trigger feelings and emotions. It’s a perfect synthesis of stage design, sound, light and scent.

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