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SFX Fan Film, Space Opera, adventure, action, SciFI Old movies, animation, CGI, parody, humour

I was born in 1967, on certain Sunday, August 13th.
No report, but it is also the release of the " Bonnie and Clyde ".
In this period, a place cost only 12 francs!!! about 2$ of today.
For a long time, I like the Science Fiction and especially StarWars universe.
With SW, I was only 10 years old, I made Super8 SFX with Alexandre Millet, a great music artist and composer for orchestra.
At the age of my 30, I made an ambitious (but no professionnal) TV series project with Fabrice Luthaud, a talentuous CGI artist.
It's talk about 2 pilots of DAENA that we presented at the MIFA.
DAENA1 (1999), DAENA2 (2000)
From 2000, nothing more...
Finally yes...
Events family, Travels, shorts cuts, told in video to sign the chronology of our own lives.
Enjoy it and Have fun....
NB: sorry for my english, I'm French !!!

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