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ignon is an independent group of multimedia artists and producers from Salzburg, Austria and operates at the gateway of art and technology. Founded by Rene Baumgartner and Fabian Bergner in the year of 2008, ignon develops and produces interactive installations, innovative video games, mobile applications and prototypes of future-oriented technologies and interfaces.

Besides the production of creative and professional applications by day, ignon also stages with audio-visual performances in the electronic music scene. They are widely known for their impulsive and energetic live performances including photon kicking images, pervading sounds and a pleasant pinch of modulated madness. This form of art expresses their ongoing war ‘man vs. man vs. machine’, which is not only fought on flat surfaces and plain speakers but moreover three-dimensional space and time. Therefore the complete environment is used as artistic playground to offer an immersive and literally surrounding experience to the audience.

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