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Annapolis, MD

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The spirit of creativity at I had An Accident Records comes from a process of deep self-examination. It also comes from an ability to see the familiar as strange. And although broader social, political and economic values have always provided the framework for I had An Accident ’s working philosophy, their commitment to challenging aesthetic assumptions and social values is at the core of their success in developing a new visual vocabulary.

Their circumstances included the musical endeavors of the I had An Accident artists. Connecting the musician to the particular and encompassing both anti-ideological (steeped in a pseudo-democratic creative process of fun, play and hanging out) and ideological (critical and politically engaged). Continuing with a tradition of respect for the artist - Justin has created a label focused on simplicity and metaphoric representation and bridging the experimental with the contemporary artist. I had An Accident embraces the philosophy that every artists wants to be applauded and understand that imperfection is a core value to all great self-expression.

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