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It was approximately a year ago today when I purchased my first Dunny at a shop named KidRobot. Soon after my first Aztec Dunny, I purchased some Tokidoki Moofia blindboxes and I was hooked. Like all things when I become addicted, I began to look up these “dunny” things and what was “Tokidoki”? I needed to know as much as possible, and thus- my addiction began.

Very soon after, I took my passion for writing and my addiction for designer toys and opened up sakiwrotewhat.com. It’s been a year of blogging, and I’m ready to step it up. Therefore, sakiwrotewhat.com has now become iheartcoolstuff.com! Let’s face it, whether it be vinyl toys, movies, music, we all in one shape or form really do love cool stuff, don’t we?

With the launch of this site, I welcome current readers (and newcomers) to feel free to drop me a line; make suggestions of artists I should write about and explore. I welcome you to help expand my knowledge of this very addictive movement, and if you know nothing about the movement, I offer my own knowledge. Thank you for stopping by, really.

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