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ihiji is a start-up Network-Management-as-a-Service (NMaaS) company based in Austin, TX, supported by the Austin Technology Incubator (ATI). Our goal is to provide valuable services that enable cost-effective and efficient remote network, service, and device management.

Our initial product, invision, is a remote monitoring and management tool for businesses that maintain and install residential and commercial audio/video, automation and network systems. invision is an award winning solution, successfully deployed by our re-sellers as a way to streamline service operations and create a more profitable service organization.

Utilizing a low-cost, on-site embedded appliance (gateway), IT professionals can remotely service and maintain networked equipment without the need for expensive services, software or truck rolls. This product provides a business intelligence dashboard allowing business managers and operators to detect, diagnose and resolve network management problems.

Business Analytics, Real Time Intelligence Dashboards, Remote Monitoring and Management, Service Contacts

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