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The vision of IIID is to Connect, Equip, and Reach. Our mission is to love God and love people. Every area of service within IIID is about connecting you to God and with other young adults who are on the same journey as you. We want to equip you with the word of God to live out your purpose; and to give you opportunities to reach out to our community and around the world.


  1. Salomon
  2. John Lewis
  3. Jeff Marsh Creative
  4. Nathaniel Maddux
  5. HillsongNYC
  6. Caleb & Shawn
  7. Andreas Fuchs
  8. City Church
  9. Cody Jensen
  10. Hillsong Film & Television
  11. Hillsong Church
  12. Corey Lack
  13. Zac Carsten
  14. Victory
  15. Charles Bergquist
  16. Oral Roberts University
  17. Kazi DeCuir
  18. The Rock Church

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