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I'm a dreamer, and a bit of a recluse. I like to observe so as not to disturb the quality of what it is I'm observing. I like to tell stories. Mostly observational stories. I like the slow passage of time. A cloud tells a million stories over a single mile. I like that. I don't want to disturb that cloud. I'm interested in seeing what it has to say and what it's going to do. I'll take out my camera and photograph it - moving images or not - so I can read between the lines at a later time. I'm really looking for the beauty in all things. Even the dark. There's always beauty in the dark. Everything has it's own beauty.


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  1. i'm talking about the tiny pan vibration, witch could be caused by the wrong weight setting on your Letus
  2. the engine of the helix sims to be shaking the camera, correct ?