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Ikonoskop makes the A-Cam dll, a digital motion picture camera. The A-Cam dll records uncompressed RAW files in 1080p in the open format CinemaDNG. The camera has CCD sensor with a global shutter, onboard electronic viewfinder, battery and memorycard. The camera takes 16mm and 35mm PL lenses, C-mount lenses and still lenses via the IMS lens mount system.

Our goal is to provide filmmakers with the best and most inspiring professional tools. We believe that the tools should be as simple to use as possible without any compromises in quality. The tools should be versatile and functional, this means that ergonomy is of great importance to us. We aim to support our customers in the best possible way so that they can do the most interesting and challenging work in their respective field.

For more info go to: ikonoskop.com

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