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Ilana Rein is a Los Angeles and New York City based screenwriter and director. Her films have been screened at film festivals, galleries and Universities internationally.

Rein started her career as a photographer with her work being widely exhibited and published. After the events of 9/11 she worked in film.
“Periphery”, Rein's first film, about post 9/11, Bush Era US (as told through personal narratives of New Yorkers) was an official selection of the Lincoln Center New York Video Festival (now called Views from the Avant Garde) in 2002.

Rein's award winning film "We Are All Cylons" had its World Premiere at the Apollo Theater as part of the Sci-Fi London Film Festival in April, 2011. It continues to screen and is being distributed by Rex Mundi.

Rein’s work has been featured in numerous publications including Doubletake, Scientific American, 9/9 Paris, Art in America and Wired. Interviews with Think Progress, Wired, Earth2Hub and Arc Finity - the futurist /art journal - can be found online.

Rein is co-writer and director of "Ellipse" a science fiction film shot on location at The Royal Observatory in the U.K. That film had its world premiere in May, 2013 at the British Film Institute (BFI) in London. Rein's film "Out of the Everywhere" is in development with Opsis Entertainment in LA and is the prequel to “Alignment Project” the first film in the trilogy Rein worked on while living in the remote Arizona desert.

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