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Ilja is a creative multi-tasker who easily combines different abilities, but prefers to concentrate on story telling, either as a director or a senior content producer. She also has great research skills, she knows how to develop and produce a divergent genre of television programs. She is able to motivate others and organize time and space where necessary.

Since the start of the new millennium Ilja spent most of her time working on television productions abroad, filming around the globe. By filming continuously in far away places, Ilja learned to adapt, adjust and to react to changing circumstances and situations. The last couple of years her residence has been New York City.

She has a congenital urge to cross borders, both literally as figuratively. She loves to work under challenging circumstances and has a preference for the unknown and the remote, always eager to take that one step further.

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  1. fantastic video... my name is Patrycja I'm Polish and I been in NYC for 20 years . I really love how you capture this story many of us can relate to it simply wonderful ! brawo and Na Zdrowie !​