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Dylan is a Florida Native originally from the beautiful shores of the Emerald Coast. He has been living at the lovely beaches of Jacksonville for the past 14 years and is currently a resident of Atlantic Beach. His love of art began at an early age, second grade to be exact. It was an experience painting in a weekly gifted class that really opened his eyes to the possibility of creating an interpretation of the world that surrounds us. This passion was further fueled by his High School Art Teacher, Mrs. Komando. She instilled in him a disdain for the status quo and opened his eyes to the unlimited possibilities of artistic creation, no matter the medium or subject.
At the University of North Florida, Dylan earned his B.F.A in graphic design with a minor in advertising. During his time there he had the privilege to study under such local great artists and teachers such as Louise Freshman Brown and Paul Ladnier. It was during this time that he really began to take on different techniques with brushes, paints, charcoals, pens and pencils. “I think the study of and the interpretation of the human figure gave me a solid foundation from which to build upon.”
Though he has been through many phases as an artist and designer, one thing remains true about his work, its uniqueness and boldness. Being surrounded by water and with a love for the ocean and wildlife, it’s not hard for him to find inspiration in Northeast Florida. Dylan looks to the original impressionists such as Van Gogh and Monet for motivation. “Those artists were the first to break the mold as far as straying from Realism and are pretty much responsible for every major art movement since.” This newest series is a take on that theme of breaking the mold. With vivid colors, rough lines and sweeping organic shapes, this series hopes to capture a free-flowing, abstract take on Dylan’s vision of the world.

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