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Illumina Filmworks!

Illuminate (definition): To make something visible … clear, or easier to understand. To provide somebody with knowledge.

Illumina Filmworks is a state-of-the-art film production company that takes a new, unique and yet time tested approach to the world of digital media production. We've paired state-of-the-art media design and emerging digital technologies with talented, imaginative minds who bring a deep understanding of creativity, insight, and yes, technology, to the table.

In other words … we have the technology, we have the work ethic and we’re pretty darned creative. We REALLY love what we do!!!

More than technology

Illumina is not just about shooting and editing films. We believe in content … the art of the story, delivered with purpose. And we understand that without a great concept, script or storyline every edit or special effect that follows is inconsequential. It’s not about adding to our demo reel. It is about helping you sell, motivate or impress. You tell us what reaction you need.

Therefore, we are here to help guide our clients through every step of the creative process that they desire. Whether it's broadcast design, animation, creative editing, social media, strategic corporate communications, film/video production or complete project management, lllumina Filmwork’s number one priority is our dedication to our clients. We intend to fulfill this mission by giving extra effort to customer service, direction and superior workmanship while ALWAYS addressing our customer’s needs.


We are fortunate to have several highly experienced and talented
people in key positions. Owners Rustin Hamilton and David Constine have a combined 40 plus years of extensive background in video production, script writing, photography, animation and design.

From run and gun shoots in Africa and South America to large scale national Television Commercial shoots here in the U.S., and everything in between, we have the background to provide the style, format and scale of any production at almost any price point.

On Budget … on Time!

It’s the reality of our world … most of us are working within the constraints of a budget and often extraordinary time considerations. A modest budget should never lead to a poor production. In fact, it often requires a little more creativity. Illumina Filmworks understand these challenges and we are always ready to work with clients and their specific situation.

Speaking of situations … we are also accustomed to the occasional “rush” job and tight time constraints. Can we get your last minute production completed in a few days? Probably … but you better call us right now!

Let Illumina Filmworks bring a new vision to your productions. Contact us at 816-550-6549 or 617-359-4386.

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