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  1. Animation Workshop

    by Eimhin McNamara joined

    164 Videos 13 Members

    This is a group where teachers and students can share their animation projects.

  2. Animation Artists

    by Haley Kirton joined

    12 Videos 6 Members

    It's a group for people who are particularly talented in animation. It doesn't matter if you are a begginer or expert, any animationist can join. And like some of those cheesy videos say,…

  3. Chicago Animators

    by Samantha Lotti joined

    19 Videos 13 Members

    There are fantastic animators in the city of Chicago. This group is intended to bring those animators together to share their work and for galleries, curators, and film festival organizers to find…

  4. SCAD animation films

    by David O. Diaz joined

    58 Videos 67 Members

    Hello everyone! This group showcases the animated films from SCAD students. In response to a lack of such group in existence, SCAD animation films will now hopefully be the lightening rod for all…

  5. Amazing CG films

    by Ascension Studios joined

    51 Videos 119 Members

    This group is intended to be a collection of the most stunning short works by independent artists in computer graphics. The bar is set intentionally very high...this should be a collection of the…

  6. Lithuanian Animation

    by Ruah Edelstein joined

    67 Videos 19 Members

    Hi, by creating this group I wish to invite Lithuanian animation and film artists to get to know each others work.

  7. Everything Motion Comics

    by ShadowGEIST joined

    109 Videos 79 Members

    This group is for everything Motion Comic related. A motion comic (or animated comic) is a form of comics combining elements of print COMIC BOOKS and animation. Individual panels are expanded into…

  8. Sand Animation

    by Benjamin Probanza joined

    9 Videos 9 Members

    Sand animation stop motion technique.

  9. School of Visual Arts

    by Dusty Studio joined

    134 Videos 82 Members

    Community for the students from the School of Visual Arts to show their work, thesis projects, animation, film, video, motion graphics, or anything that they've been working on. Let me know…

  10. Animation

    by Harish Perumalla joined

    27 Videos 6 Members

    Animators,Motion Graphics and Vfx Artists are invited to join this group, to share and be as a group on vimeo.

  11. fivesquids competition

    by terry koutsios joined

    41 Videos 107 Members

    fivesquids is asking talented and innovative young filmmakers to help us create awareness of the site in a fun and imaginative way. Produce an original film up to a maximum of 20-30 seconds on…

  12. animation

    by bao_bao joined

    113 Videos 53 Members

    Grouping of animation.

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