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imagine1day is a nonprofit organization that provides an opportunity for you to be directly connected to projects that provide primary education for all children in Ethiopia, Africa. You can be a part of helping imagine1day reach their goal: all Ethiopians have access to quality education funded free of foreign aid by 2030.

imagine1day’s innovative website allows you to decide how you want to invest your money. You can support any of the elements of an education venture, such as the roof of a classroom, the water system, or the desks and blackboards. 100% of your contribution will fund the children’s education project of your choice and no administration fees are kept.

You will receive regular project updates filled with stories, photos and videos that directly connect you to the project you choose to support. You will watch the students and the schools become the center of their communities as they become a demonstration of what is possible for Ethiopia. Over time you will know that your investment has produced a generation of future leaders for whom education will always be associated with abundance, health and success. Your support is truly needed and appreciated by many in Ethiopia.

Learn about our projects, be with the children and have fun.

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