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Howard is one of the worlds biggest imaging and branding voices. Best known as voice of the world famous Capital FM, the UK's number one hit music station, and the UK Big Top 40 Show which appears on more than 150 Radio Stations every Sunday in the UK. @howardritchie on Twitter.

Howard voices a number of formats around the world and is currently heard by over 18 million listeners per week, none of whom, even know his name!

He is an accomplished and irreverent radio broadcaster who has a history of specialist, mainstream and speech programming - his shows have included the UK's most loved weekend show Ministry of Sound.

Originally a DJ and remix producer Howard was also a TV Voice-over before being discovered by Global Radio's Richard Park for the part of Capital Imaging and Stadium Voice. Now stations around the world work with Howard replicating the market presence and power created by Global Radio in the UK.

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