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  1. illusion of houdini

    by pulppix joined

    9,841 Videos 961 Members


  2. Houdini Howto

    by Stanislav Glazov joined

    168 Videos 227 Members

    This group is about SideFx Houdini

  3. SideFX Houdini

    by Pradeep Barua joined

    691 Videos 433 Members

    Place to share CG work, done using SideFX Houdini, with world. SideFX Official Website: https://www.sidefx.com SideFX Official Vimeo Channel: https://vimeo.com/goprocedural

  4. Unofficial Side Effects Houdini Group

    by young elephant joined

    950 Videos 488 Members

    anything related to Houdini goes here.

  5. Houdini - Go Procedural

    by IVEMaker joined

    1,830 Videos 1,140 Members

    Houdini and Visual Effects

  6. Houdini Club

    by Alexey Denisenko joined

    1,150 Videos 706 Members

  7. Houdini

    by Victor Hwang joined

    346 Videos 168 Members

    that's for the houdini study

  8. 3Dsmax-R&D

    by Toufik Mekbel joined

    1,685 Videos 638 Members

    please only 3dsmax related stuff !

  9. Thinking Particles

    by HeadSmell joined

    1,205 Videos 1,194 Members

    This is a place for all Thinking Particles Animations, R&D and cool stuff about TP!

  10. Particle Flow Toolboxes (by Orbaz)

    by Anselm von Seherr-Thoss joined

    869 Videos 946 Members

    Particle Flow Tools is a set of operators and other software tools created by the original author of Particle Flow for extending its capabilities. Official forum here: http://www.orbaz.com/forum Official…


    by Nuwan Bhaggya joined

    1,017 Videos 273 Members

    Its all about fx

  12. Fume-FX

    by Sathya Narayana joined

    478 Videos 201 Members


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