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  2. 04:49

    About USC Media Arts + Practice

    by MA+P @ USC

    1 Video

    About the Media Arts + Practice Division, at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts.

  3. 18:55

    MA+P Exhibitions

    by MA+P @ USC

    5 Videos

    Trailers and overviews of MA+P student exhibitions.

  4. 00:00

    MA+P PhD Projects

    by MA+P @ USC

    The Media Arts + Practice Ph.D. program offers a rigorous and creative environment for scholarly innovation as students explore the intersections of cinema, design, emerging media and critical thinking…

  5. 01:33:30

    MA+P Undergraduate Thesis Projects

    by MA+P @ USC

    22 Videos

    The MA+P undergraduate curriculum culminates in a digital thesis project that students will research, develop and construct during their senior year. These projects will engage a key issue faced by…

  6. 04:06:14

    MA+P Student Projects

    by MA+P @ USC

    42 Videos

    These projects were made within specific Media Arts + Practice courses. Each project addresses a prompt, given by the professor, which is directly related to the course curriculum.

  7. 02:04:26

    MA+P Research and Faculty Videos

    by MA+P @ USC

    13 Videos

    Videos related to faculty-driven research projects and special initiatives of the Division of Media Arts + Practice.

  8. 22:17:12

    MA+P Events and Lectures

    by MA+P @ USC

    35 Videos

    Video documents of various lectures and events that have taken place within the Division of Media Arts + Practice.

  9. 01:00:23

    My Story / Our Story: Media, Activism and Participatory Politics multi-channel installation

    by MA+P @ USC

    7 Videos

    Each video represents one channel of a multi-channel installation work meant to be played on a minimum of 3 screens, in sync.

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