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Impossible Casting was created on the belief that, when it comes to talent, no creative idea is ever “impossible.” Since our inception in 1992, Impossible Casting has become the choice for inspired minds that have particular talent needs.

In the past fifteen years, Impossible Casting has grown from being the definitive home of the "specialty request" to a highly resourceful, multifaceted, full service casting company. With great connections to top modeling & talent agencies and our vast resources for fresh faces, undiscovered actors, real people and distinct looks, no request is ever impossible to fulfill.

Some of our more popular requests include: High Fashion (Persol, Details Magazine, Italian Vogue, Condé Nast), Print (American Express, Dentyne, Stoli, Smirnoff, Motorola, Target, BMW), "Real People" (Pfizer, Ortho-McNeil, Johnson & Johnson, Disney, NY Knicks, Converse), and Character Types (AOL, Sony, Virgin Mobile).

Impossible Casting is also known for coming through for clients strapped with a tight budget or last minute job. We do so with competitive rates and an unparalleled turnaround, keeping our clients satisfied for over a decade.

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