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Mississauga, Ontario

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The greatest thing about the planet earth is us. We're complex in every way and most of our complexion comes from our mind. The mind is a beautiful thing; allowing us to see beauty around us, and allowing us to be us. I'm not just fascinated by the planet and it's beauty, I'm fascinated by the people who walk its ground. Art is my way of expressing how I see the world and how I fascinate over the human mind and how it interacts with the earth.

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  1. your work is incredible.
  2. not to mention, your time lapses are incredible too.
  3. I have seen people post absolute garbage with a DSLR. They seem to think that because they can get quality that they can get good videos every time. They lose sight of what making a video truly means and you have exactly that. This is truly awesome.…
  4. Most interesting and probably the best use of lomokino i have ever seen. I always thought it seemed so pointless, but good job :)