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Sean Lawless is a graduate from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Class of 2004, he studied both Broadcasting as well as Film. He studied the art of Cinematography and holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts / Film. Sean has been in the industry for 9 years working in media, music videos, commercials and indy films.

Ever since he was a kid, he had a likeness for Sci-fi and Fantasy films, while growing up in the city of Los Angeles, his father always kept him active in sports and going to the movies. He always had a unique imagination and expresses himself threw the lens of the camera. Sean has inherited his artistic skills from his father, Lloyd Lawless, who has made a living in graphic design and commercial advertisement.

Sean shot his first wedding in Las Vegas as a intern videographer. He was a college student pursuing real world experience in production, assisting in indie films, commercials, high school sport events, and music videos. After college, Sean moved back to California looking for opportunity, he landed his first job with E! Entertainment, working behind the scenes as a Tape Operator for three years and moved on to FOX as a Transmissions Coordinator.

Now, Sean and his wife, Latonaya, has formed their new videography company, Inavision Cinema. Their goals are to capture the special moments and visions of clients while catering to their budget.

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