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Indeed is an emcee from Upstate NY (Buffalo). Her first video editing attempt, was a self produced video for her song "One" from her 2007 mixtape "The Ice Queen". The video, shot on location in Buffalo, NY, was of a ordinary day in the life of the emcee. She is most recognized for her collabo with Posdnuos on "Set the Mood", a feature track on "A.O.I. Mosiac Thump" album, by the legendary hip hop group De La Soul.

In 2007, Indeed and her two children relocated to New York City and now resides in Brooklyn. She is currently a senior in the undergraduate Film program at the City College of New York, in Manhattan. She will graduate Spring 2012, with a BFA in Film and media, with an minor in English, Creative writing.

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  1. Very beautiful! My inspiration for the day! I'm on my way to buy this camera this morning... so very glad I stumbled onto your video. Love your images and juxtaposition of walking and precipitation.. calm, soothing & awesome!
  2. indeed commented on La Vie en Rose
    Very nice. Funny :-)