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The Index Festival will transpire in August 2011 in New York City. Our aim is to bring together individuals and groups who cognitively engage media culture. We welcome the interdisciplinary, shared and accessible culture we are coming to live in as a result of digital technology. Our mission is to focus on projects that blur the vocabulary of science and art, dissect the media that describes our culture today, and to disseminate out from the [cultural] institution, and further into the multi textural international landscape.The Index Festival website and blog will offer all the scheduling for this event as it becomes available. However, the project is expanding and the blog will also offer curatorial statements and micro-reviews of individuals we are working with and who we believe are actively engaging the current digital climate. This site will proudly promote these individuals and their work as we believe it necessary to help share and continue thinking and discussing the ways in which media and technology impact our lives.

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