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music / cinema / multimedia documentation / podcast / video/ documentaries

INDIE-EYE NETWORK is a network based in FLORENCE, ITALY. It publishes and also produces audiovisual contents and multimedia about music, cinema, home entertainment with a strictly indipendent slant. On indie-eye you can find reviews, interviews, audio and video documents realized in collaboration with filmakers, musicians, artists,labels, and in the context of festivals and various events. Indie-eye is a new, connective web portal, radically different from the traditional web magazines.



REC: is indie-eye’s traditional reviews & news music magazine. Here we talk about international music with our peculiar, strictly independent slant; you can find news, reviews and multimedia (video, audio podcast)


STRANEILLUSIONI: In English, Straneillusioni sounds like Strange Illusions: this is indie-eye’s film criticism and cinema webportal, with reviews, news and multimedia documents about new movies and dvd releases, international cinema festivals, videogames and any kind of visions; video interviews, auto-produced documentary and so on...

MEDIACAST: This is indie-.eye’s multimedia station: you can find audio / video documentaries, podcasts, radio programs realized in close collaboration with musicians, filmmakers and artists from all over the world, labels, booking and distribution firms, festivals. Are part of INDIE-EYE MEDIACAST artists like: Paolo Benvegnù, Lara Martelli, My Brightest Diamond, Glen Hansard, Annie Hall, Barbara Morgenstern, Tying Tiffany, Deerhoof, Will Sheff from Okkervill river, Ten Thousand Bees, School of language, Eraldo Bernocchi & Zu, Julia Kent, Gypsophile, The Niro, Kate Havnevick and many many others.



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