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  1. V Music

    by 33hirtz joined

    3,212 Videos / 562 Members

    A place for good music videos.

  2. Musical Story Telling – All Genres

    by Chris Tevebaugh joined

    1,306 Videos / 271 Members

    Music Videos can be more than advertisement; I see them as story telling. If you do too than this is the home for your movie and the place to find like minded people.

  3. Live acoustic music videos

    by Matt Miles joined

    2,072 Videos / 293 Members

    A group for people making simple, well filmed and recorded, live music videos showcasing simple acoustic music being played in there local areas. The idea is partly inspired from the 'Athens…

  4. Film School - Filmmaking

    by Tommy Rodriguez joined

    1,929 Videos / 25K Members

    http://tommyrodriguezfilms.com/ Learn everything you need to know to make your movies, videos or audiovisual projects here in the Cinemacuteo free Film School. 6/19/2008 Join this new community…

  5. Breakfast Daily

    by Breakfast Daily joined

    1,781 Videos / 612 Members

    Breakfast is the greatest meal of the day! Those people who skip it don't know what they are missing. Sit down, be present this morning, chew slowly, and share it with a friend. Upload your…

  6. Music, music......

    by Zofiafotoeule joined

    1,535 Videos / 1,176 Members

    Music videos, doku, concerts, etc... Welcome! What is music to you? Music is freedom that relentlessly exists Freedom of speech Freedom of thought Freedom of creativity Freedom of imagination Music…

  7. me like music

    by Steve Nelson joined

    7,174 Videos / 1,463 Members

    everyone likes listening to music. some people like making music. this group is for everyone and some people!

  8. Music Videos

    by Sander Kloppenburg joined

    4,174 Videos / 1,431 Members

    music video

  9. music video showcase

    by Thom Valko joined

    5,180 Videos / 1,638 Members

    A collection of peoples best music videos. Showcase yours!

  10. VJ Loop Exchange

    by Jan R. joined

    1,143 Videos / 2,122 Members

    Welcome to the VJ Loop Exchange Group. By default all these clips are free to be remixed by you during a live performance. Do not use any of this content in your demo reel, unless it was made…

  11. Music Video

    by Yannis Zafeiriou joined

    6,802 Videos / 1,930 Members

    Keep the great work coming!

  12. Indie rock music !

    by kids of eighties joined

    129 Videos / 1,928 Members

    videoclip and live of indie rock 'n roll music

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